RETUNER® is a complete suite of products designed to digitalise production systems. The solution offers a web app that integrates perfectly with the customers IT systems. It is highly configurable and adaptable to any factory conditions. In addition, RETUNER is interoperable with any new or existing machine or production line.


  • Multiprotocol interconnection with new or existing machines
  • Monitoring, control and remote diagnosis of machines, systems, and plants
  • Real time definition, planning, advancement, tracking and control of production
  • Creation of digital services to support operators and maintenance staff, using augmented reality and artificial intelligence.


RETUNER enables you to:

  • optimise production regardless of the different protocols and software used on various machines.
  • Easily integrate new and existing machines regardless of different technology used.
  • Real-time monitoring of the efficiency of production resources, cutting down time and production costs.
  • Real-time control of progress of production orders and prevention of malfunctions
  • Maintain high standards of efficiency and quality control of the product.
  • Continual improvements based on analysis of production data.
  • Access fiscal aid for the technological and digital transformation of the factory.

Success stories

grinding technology, retuner, industry 5.0

Grinding Technology, digital solutions for the grinding world

With 100 years of experience, the Morara and Tacchella brands, now under the company name Grinding Technology, are world leaders in the production of universal cylindrical grinding machines for external and internal use. A benchmark located in the province of...

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maculan fratelli, retuner, industry 5.0

MACULAN FRATELLI srl: the Industry 4.0 revolution in a small business specializing in furniture for public establishments

THE CHALLENGE For more than 70 years, Maculan has been designing and creating furnishing solutions for all types of public establishments, such as bars, restaurants, tobacconists, pastry shops, wine bars, bakeries, take-aways, delicatessens, hotels, and much more. Since 1946, the...

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falegnameria ciudano, retuner, industry 5.0

Falegnameria Ciaudano: the Industry 4.0 revolution in a small woodworking business specialized in wood for construction

THE CHALLENGE Falegnameria Ciaudano specializes in the manufacturing of stands, structures for conferences and fairs, and other wooden elements for construction. The company began its activity with the aim of offering beautiful, unique, and customized products to the city of...

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di pietro moreno, lavorazione del legno, retuner, industry 5.0

Di Pietro Moreno: the Industry 4.0 revolution in a small wood processing business

THE CHALLENGE Di Pietro Moreno Carpentry, based in Teramo, produces custom wooden furniture tailored to meet the specific needs of its customers. In particular, the company manufactures doors and windows, excluding armored doors. With the aim of optimizing the company's...

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More sustainable factories with Industry 5.0 extraction systems

VENTILAZIONE MAPELLI has more than 50 years experience in the field of extraction and filtration in the wood, plastic and metal processing industries. The systems are designed and manufactured in compliance with national and international safety and environmental regulations. They...

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bianchi marmi e ceramiche, retuner, industry 5.0

Bianchi Marmi e Ceramiche: the Industry 4.0 revolution in a small business specializing in marble processing

THE CHALLENGE Bianchi Marmi e Ceramiche, operating in Pesaro since 1956, is a company specialized in marble processing, supporting mosaic producers, and selling floor and wall tiles. Over the years, it expanded to international trade, overcoming the limits imposed by...

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hell dietmar, lavorazione del metallo, retuner, industry 5.0

HELL DIETMAR: the Industry 4.0 revolution in a small metalworking company 

THE CHALLENGE  Hell Dietmar company, based in Bolzano (Italy), has been manufacturing railings, steel structures, stairs, religious elements, art objects or extravagant furniture in natural steel and stainless steel for over 40 years, in customized productions.  In 2022, in order...

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carma, retuner, industry 5.0

CARMA: the Industry 4.0 Revolution in a small company operating in precision engineering 

THE CHALLENGE  CARMA srl Meccanica di Precisione is an Italian company that since 2020 has been engaged in milling and small metalwork, metal carpentry work for itself and for third parties, mold making and molding of plastics, rubber and other...

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nuova sitet, retuner, industry 5.0

NUOVA SITET: more effective and efficient maintenances 

THE CHALLENGE   Nuova Sitet srl is an Italian leader in the production of metal automotive components. In particular, it is specialized in the production of steel and aluminum aesthetic parts for the inner and outer perimeter of the car.  Today,...

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bosco italia, retuner, industry 5.0

BOSCO ITALIA: more correct and targeted production planning and real-time monitoring of processing phases 

THE CHALLENGE  The Italian company Bosco Italia SpA has been designing and manufacturing soundproofing systems for industry and plant engineering, for infrastructures such as roads, railways, underpasses and tunnels, and for auditoriums, theaters, cinemas and Radio/TV rooms for more than...

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PlastorGomma: from the marketing of technical materials for the ceramic industry to the personalized supply of articles and semi-finished products

THE CHALLENGE After celebrating 50 years of activity in 2019, PlastorGomma srl owned by Fiorano Modenese, is one of the historical companies in the Sassuolo ceramic sector (MO). Until 2015 the  main activity  of the company consisted in the marketing...

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Planoplast: Industry 4.0 for SMEs in the plastics industry

The challenge Planoplast, a Adviplast group company leader in the distribution of semi-finished plastic products, supports the sale of slabs and bars with a service for processing in small lots and on the design of engineering materials. In this context...

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