Planoplast: Industry 4.0 for SMEs in the plastics industry

Anno 2019

The challenge

Planoplast, a Adviplast group company leader in the distribution of semi-finished plastic products, supports the sale of slabs and bars with a service for processing in small lots and on the design of engineering materials. In this context the company needed to digitalize the workflows and processes that had previously been managed manually in order to control production and be able to quickly and precisely determine the costs per order.

The solution

The introduction of Orchestra technology has allowed the company to:

  • Intelligently connect all machines and integrate them with the company management systems, this allows the automatic management of start-up operations that were previously planned in the management system
  • Collect raw data and transform it into ready-to-use information to check machine efficiency and monitor the progress of each production order
  • Have certified and correct data on which to set up the analysis of their business


Obtain forecasts and quotations on objective data in order to improve production processes and increase the competitiveness of their offers.

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