Installed in the customers private cloud, the SMARTHinge5.0 can be easily managed and configured on various machines.

The platform collects, standardizes, certifies, and shares the data from the machines, creating a dashboard for analysing the performance of the machines and real-time progress tracking.

The data is shared with other systems used by the customer, such as ERP, MES, CMMS, CAD/CAM, etc. This permits the complete optimisation of production processes.

Consequently, a complete and integrated view of the efficiency of production is possible in real-time.


The RETUNER solution, placed between the factory and the organizational structure, connects and integrates the two levels according to a model of loose coupling. The main advantage is that the two levels can evolve independently over time, allowing for the change of machinery on one side or the replacement of application software on the other, without affecting their interconnection and integration.

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