Bianchi Marmi e Ceramiche: the Industry 4.0 revolution in a small business specializing in marble processing


Bianchi Marmi e Ceramiche: the Industry 4.0 revolution in a small business specializing in marble processing


Bianchi Marmi e Ceramiche, operating in Pesaro since 1956, is a company specialized in marble processing, supporting mosaic producers, and selling floor and wall tiles. Over the years, it expanded to international trade, overcoming the limits imposed by the province of Pesaro and Urbino, aiming to establish a significant position in the global market.

The company now operates worldwide, producing stone works, components for the construction industry, interior and exterior furniture, and specific items to enhance environments, such as stairs, thresholds, bathroom and kitchen countertops, curbs, floors, and wall coverings. In 2021, the company decided to expand and digitize its machinery with a new PRIMUS 402 BIESSE, taking advantage of the tax incentives of the Industry 4.0 Transition Plan. This marked the beginning of the company’s steps toward Industry 4.0 to optimize its production.


As the company only had a traditional accounting system for receipts and invoices, SMARTCONNECTION by Biesse “powered by RETUNER®” was adopted to connect the machinery to the existing factory computer systems. SMARTCONNECTION is MES (Manufacturing Execution System) software developed by BIESSE and Orchestra, specifically designed for small and medium manufacturing enterprises in the marble industry.


The introduction of SMARTCONNECTION into the company has allowed for:

  • Improved management of machine and labor costs
  • Streamlined management of machine usage and work times
  • Rationalization of consumable materials
  • Streamlined production orders
  • Custom production programs tailored to the company
  • Access to Industry 4.0 tax credits under the Industry 4.0 Transition Plan

“These benefits have contributed to improving planning capabilities for a more efficient use of company resources. For this reason, the SMARTCONNECTION software has met our expectations,” says owner Romano Bianchi.

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