More sustainable factories with Industry 5.0 extraction systems

More sustainable factories with Industry 5.0 extraction systems

VENTILAZIONE MAPELLI has more than 50 years experience in the field of extraction and filtration in the wood, plastic and metal processing industries.

The systems are designed and manufactured in compliance with national and international safety and environmental regulations. They are supplied with a wide range of accessories and are distinguished by their functionality, flexibility, high filtration capacity, attention to detail and excellent value for money.

Since 2022, VENTILAZIONE MAPELLI has chosen Orchestra as its partner to digitize its plants and thereby include them in customers’ Industry 4.0 and 5.0 projects.

Thanks to RETUNER®, VENTILAZIONE MAPELLI’s extraction plants are interconnected to the company’s machinery and systems and become part of the customer’s corporate monitoring, control and production management system.

The interconnection of filtration and aspiration plants to production lines gives the customer real-time data useful for measuring environmental impacts and defining company policies aimed at enhancing the sustainability of production processes.

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Offer your manufacturing customers a turn-key solution for Industry 5.0 that not only guarantees access to state fiscal aid, but also advances the continual improvement of production processes.

RETUNER re-tunes all machinery to the notes of Industry 5.0. Production plants that aren’t yet digitalised, all machines whether new or pre-existing, interconnecting them to the ICT system already in use in the company.

In addition, RETUNER offers the possibility of an ample range of digital services to help the operator at the machine edge.

Choose RETUNER and offer your manufacturing customers a cutting-edge digital solution.


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