Nadella SpA and Orchestra sign their partnership for the digitization of the manufacturing sector and the development of Smart Products for Industry 4.0

July 11, 2022

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Nadella SpA entry into the share capital of Orchestra Srl kicks off a synergy on strategic issues for digitized products and the factory of the future.

Nadella SpA, a historical company specialized in precision mechanical handling components and systems and head of an international group present with more than 400 people in Europe, the U.S. and China, is banking on Orchestra RETUNER® technology to offer its manufacturing customers a turnkey solution for their Industry 4.0 projects.

Orchestra Srl, created to “orchestrate” the production processes of manufacturing companies, has a suite of products capable of “re-tuning” the entire factory to the rhythm of Industry 4.0. In fact, its RETUNER® solution interconnects machines and enables them to dialogue with ICT systems in the company. One of its peculiarities is the ability to interconnect any type of machinery whatever the interconnection standard made available by the various manufacturers.

“Nadella is a well-established company with more than 90 years of history, which has undertaken a path of innovation, aimed at the development and production of handling systems, in line with the evolving needs of industrial customers. Our DNA is strongly engineering and collaborative: one of Nadella’s distinguishing characteristics is the ability to dialogue with customers, to respond flexibly and individually to their needs, developing new solutions. The partnership with Orchestra fits into this path of innovation, bringing digital expertise into the Nadella Group, which is a true evolution for our target market. The partnership with Orchestra will enable Nadella to rapidly develop its offerings in a digital way, as we already had the opportunity to show recently at the Automatica Fair in Munich with the AXNR Digital Circular System” comments Liviana Forza, CEO of the Nadella Group.

“With Nadella, Orchestra acquires a major industrial partner to increase the deployment of its RETUNER® solution in the industrial machinery market and for future developments of our products,” says Guido Colombo, CEO of Orchestra. “Orchestra, in fact, has focused from the beginning on its Cloud Driven Edge Computing architecture that allows to dynamically reconfigure the entire IIoT stack, adding intelligence at every level and paving the way for the development of new digital services at the machine edge. The partnership with Nadella,” Colombo continued, “also allows us to open a new line of business dedicated to smart products and thus approach the market for components and systems for manufacturing in a structured way with new digital solutions.



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