Ricasoli: the digital revolution applied to the wine making tradition

Anno 2019


Ricasoli is the most representative winery in the Chianti Classico area. Taken over and managed by Baron Francesco Ricasoli since 1993, it now has 170 employees, 2.5 million bottles, 17 million turnover and a large number of labels representing the most interesting Sangiovese biotypes in the Castle of Brolio area. In this context, Ricasoli needed to amortize the new bottling and packaging lines, as well as to digitize the related production processes.



The introduction of Orchestra technology in the company has enabled the machines involved in packaging, bottling, labeling and cartoning to be connected intelligently.

Orchestra through its MINIMes4.0 has also provided the progress and control system for all packaging phases, which is essential to complete the Industry 4.0 project.



The digitalization of the entire end-of-line process allows real-time production control, tracing data such as packaging speed, quantity produced, waste, and the start and end time of production of the finished product.

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