PATLITE multicolored LED signaling towers

November 6, 2019

The use of devices on Internet protocol in manufacturing offers a great area of new applications. The LED signal towers, which can be driven by EDGE or CLOUD to provide production operators not only with reports on the status of the machines but also process information at the machine, line and department level, are a great example of this.

The PATLITE Network signaling solutions are simple to install and integrate with the existing network infrastructure thanks to the Wireless, LAN, USB, PoE, IO-Link and even Cloud interfaces via the Microsoft Azure platform.

In particular, the LA6-POE signaling tower allows advanced signaling thanks to multicolored LED technology. It also has a SMART feature that makes information which was, until now only available only on the operator panel, visible from a distance. The “Production Time” sequence, for example, allows you to report the duration of a production process of an automated machine. The operator’s awareness will therefore be greater, because they will be able to remotely monitor the progress of production, intervening quickly to reprogram it, load material or carry out maintenance work.

The integration of PATLITE Network devices with Orchestra’s EDGE Computing platform allows an interesting field of applications related to signaling management.

The tower becomes a Smart Product, integrated in several new factory applications from the immediacy of control in production departments, to the possibility of reconfiguration in real time and remotely.

Watch the video presentation of the LA6-POE multicolored signal tower:

Go to PATLITE Network device description:

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