Retuner, the solution that brings together the entire factory ecosystem


Cloud driven Edge Computing is the framework designed by Orchestra to support the Industry 4.0 paradigm by digitally connecting the shop floor with the rest of the company and adding new solutions based on the new enabling technologies.


RETUNER solution lies in between, among the shop floor and the company organization, decoupling and intermediating the two levels, making them independent. At the same time it connects and integrates them according to a loosely coupled model. As a major benefit, the two levels can evolve independently over time allowing change of machineries or application software upgrades without affecting the logic of connectivity and integration among them.

The effectiveness of the solution relies on the logic distribution over different layers of the IIoT stack.


Specifically RETUNER provides an Edge component to link bidirectionally any new or existing plant or machine over a variety of industrial protocols and applying data fusion and integration with rules and algorithms to transform raw data in information already at the edge. The information are then exchanged with the RETUNER software platform component resident on the server of the shop floor which acts as a real time hinge to further share the information with any local or any cloud based software applications.

Vertical solutions

Indoor solutions are adopted by the manufacturers to monitor and control the efficiency of their production assets and to track the production order process in real time. The collected data are processed and integrated to generate valuable information for new intelligent maintenance activities and to preempt production delays affecting the availability of goods to the customers.

Outdoor machineries like mobile work machines or outdoor plants need to be constantly monitored and tracked using GPS values to any collected data. Moreover communication must rely on effective transmission protocol over the air based on GPRS and 4G.

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