From new to next normal

10 July 2020

‘New normal’ was first used to describe the consequences of the 2008 economic crisis, it was brought back by the effects of COVID-19, but has already been supplanted by ‘next normal’, to identify the unprecedented extent of the consequences of the pandemic.

Analysts are looking at what the results of the pandemic will mean for economies in the various areas of the world. At a macroeconomic level, there are those who think that the evaluation of a country's growth through measuring GDP will no longer be sufficient, there could be a reversal of developmental pressures (e.g. support for internal consumption rather than export), and a radical change in economic models (e.g. glocalization).

On an industrial level, large companies have replied with a powerful acceleration to the process of digital transformation, focusing on the technologies that make the difference. New life, work and production conditions are giving an exceptional push to run and control remote infrastructure, digital is imposing itself as a new standard of reference for innovation. Soon all this will reverberate on the world of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Orchestra's RETUNER solution, based on a cloud driven edge computing system, covers all the most recent and upcoming market trends. All-in-one, ready to use, plug & play without programming, it can be applied to any new and existing machines and integrates with third-party IoT platforms.

RETUNER also meets the integration and interconnection goals which grant access to tax credits for activities and investments in digital innovation as envisaged by the Transition 4.0 Plan for Italian companies.

In 3 years of Industry 4.0 projects, Orchestra has had experience with all the fiscal relief plans launched by the Italian Government from 2017 to today.

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