Between reality and the virtual factory – The opinion of Guido Colombo, Orchestra CEO

11 March 2020

What are the future scenarios for companies committed to developing the Industry 4.0 model?

"There are many opportunities, I believe.

On the one hand the need for digitization, particularly in SMEs is growing. Companies that have not yet digitized their processes are many, and have very diverse needs. These needs must be met by suppliers who are able to help the customer focus on and understand these requirements, offering scalable solutions as far as implementation and costs are concerned.

On the other hand, our experience has shown that the companies that apply the Industry 4.0 model are very unlikely to abandon it, after having tried it’s advantages.

The connection of machinery and the availability of data from production processes offers many opportunities to an SME, pushing further the boundaries of digitization.

Furthermore, our recent experience at EMO 2019, as a partner on the UMATI platform, the WDV initiative to build a common language for connecting machines or value-adding services, confirmed the benefits of our technological approach and continuing research. We are in fact able, through our RETUNER solution, to connect even machines that don’t use the OPC UA solution.

An almost everyday experience in Italy where most companies have both new Industry 4.0 ready machines and older electromechanical machines".

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