Orchestra opens its first office abroad

November 9, 2022

Orchestra’s international expansion has the backing of its partners, who benefitted from the support of Orchestra for their customers’ Industry4.0 projects.

Orchestra continues to grow and, after exceeding 500 customers in Italy, has accelerated its international expansion, opening its first international office in the Stuttgart area. One of the most historically important districts for the manufacturing industry, not just in Europe.

“This process started shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic and the consequent lockdown. This year the expansion plan has restarted, strongly supported by our partners who build machines, systems and subsystems for manufacturing, who adopt and resell our technology to promote their customers’ Industry 4.0 projects ”says Guido Colombo, CEO of the company.

Orchestra has grown substantially from its founding in 2016 in Turin (Italy). It was established at I3P, the Polytechnic of Turin incubator, to develop Industry 4.0 solutions to interconnect workshops and machines with pre-owned IT systems.

RETUNER® was launched in 2019. This is the brand of products for the interconnection, monitoring and control of machines, as well as for the complete management of all production processes, both in discrete and process manufacturing.

In 2021, with the development of SMARTEdge4.0 Next Generation, new proximity services to support machine operators became available and the company’s own strategy for Industry 5.0 solutions was launched.

“Despite the instability of the markets, growth forecasts are optimistic, thanks also to the signs of interest coming to us from the United States” – continues Colombo. “In November we will be at Fabtech in Atlanta with our partner Nadella to consolidate the contacts and relationships made in recent months”.

With the latest evolutions of the RETUNER® suite of products, Orchestra goes beyond Industry 4.0 and targets the new model of Industry 5.0, in which the design of new digital products and services for the shop-floor operators enhances the digitalization of the factory.

With the Industry 5.0 approach, technology is made available to guide and train the worker according to individual needs. Production becomes truly sustainable, because the use of digital technologies helps to generate economies, reduce waste, control, and optimize production processes, or control energy consumption, to give just a few examples. Production capacity and processes are adaptable and flexible, making the factory resilient, capable of facing adverse events on a global scale such as pandemics, natural disasters, or geopolitical changes.

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