September 14, 2019

At EMO Hannover Orchestra will present its INDUSTRY4.0 end to end solution for the entire manufacturing ecosystem.

Orchestra is an Italian innovative start up, that provides Industry 4.0-by-design digital solutions for real-time monitoring, control, diagnostics and remote configuration of any machinery, systems and plants, helping its customers to bridge the gap between Operation Technologies and ICT.

Our business model is indirect – says Mr. Guido Colombo, Orchestra’s Founder and CEO -, based on partnerships with machine builders, system integrators, ISV’s and service companies selling and supporting ORCHESTRA’s solutions to their manufacturing customers. From 16th to 21st September – continues Mr. Colombo – ORCHESTRA will exhibit at EMO Hannover with its machine builders partners to present remote monitoring solution based on ORCHESTRA EDGE COMPUTING on CLOUD ARCHITECTURE Paradigm”.

Orchestra’s solution consists of two main components:

  • SMARTEdge4.0 is the Orchestra’s electronic board allowing connection and integration of any new and existing machinery and production lines with the ICT of an enterprise. Specifically designed for INDUSTRY4.0 this component processes and integrates together data coming from machines’ PLCs over different industrial protocols, analog/digital signals of electric boards or sensors, thus generating, directly from raw data, information ready to be used. It connects bidirectionally with the ORCHESTRA SMARTHinge4.0 component installed in the private CLOUD of the company over wired or wireless connection allowing remote actions and active controls of machineries.
  • SMARTHinge4.0 is the Orchestra’s Industrial IoT platform always connected with the SMARTEdge4.0 to exchange commands and data with the production assets. It dynamically manages the Edges’ configuration and collects, certifies and integrates the data coming from the shop floor making them available to the end users for machines’ efficiency control and production progress monitoring. SMARTHinge4.0 may interchange data through API’s with all the other company systems as ERP, MES, CMMS, CAD/CAM, BI etc.

Orchestra’s solution is ready to use, plug & play, no programming required, and able to connect new and existing machines on multiple protocols at the same times.

At EMO Hannover Orchestra presents:

  • SMARTEdge4.0 version 2.0, enhanced in computing, storage and communication capabilities to support proximity functionalities like Augmented Reality, making our solution a CLOUDLET based architecture.
  • SMARTHinge4.0 version 2.0 which offers new 3D HMI for machinery diagnostics and telemetry.
  • The new SMARTShare component which provides API RESTFul on json to help system integrators connecting any company system to the machines over the ORCHESTRA platform.
  • MINIMes4,0 is the new product that ORCHESTRA will launch at the fair. It is a MES solution specifically designed for those SMB’s with no production process digitalization in place. Fully integrated with SMARTHinge4.0 ORCHESTRA’s component, MINIMes4.0 connects the shop floor’s operators on any device to track all the production phases allowing them to register activities, downtimes, production progress and anomalies. The collected information integrated with data coming from the machines will provide real time production progress and status to the ERP and Business Analytics in use, in order to accomplish industrial accounting and multilevel OEE.

Orchestra is one of the 50 companies that will take part in umati demo showcase (Hall 9 Stand E 24), to connect machines or value-added services as part of a live demonstration.

“We are proud to have been invited to participate in umati demonstration that allows us to show to EMO visitors and other umati partners what we do in terms of machine connectivity and data usability” – concludes Mr. Colombo.

Orchestra Srl

Come to visit us in Hall 9 – Stand A30 (within Start up Area of Young Tech Enterprises EMO Hannover program)



Guido Colombo, Founder and CEO

Mob: +39 393 9753750


Cristina Cuscunà, Marcomm

Mob: +39 392 9551529


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