At Hannover Messe with Retuner we retune SMEs to Industry4.0 tunes

April 9, 2021



At Hannover Messe with Retuner we retune SMEs to Industry4.0 tunes

Our vision

Making sure that workers, machines, systems, devices and products of a company play to the same tune on the same music piece: this is the adage of Orchestra, an innovative start-up that designs and supplies its own technologies and solutions for Industry 4.0. «We “tune” the various components of the factory as if they were musical instruments that are preparing to play together in a concert” says Guido Colombo, founder and CEO of Orchestra. «To put it plainly, we create intelligent connections and integrations between the shop-floor and the company management systems, filling an often present gap in factories, that today can be overcome thanks to the wise use of digital technologies».

Active since 2016 as an innovative startup, selected and hosted by I3P, the incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin, today Orchestra has more than 100 customers in Italy in discrete and process manufacturing.

“Aimed mainly at manufacturing SMEs interested in monitoring and controlling their production assets and the progress of production orders in real time. We are able to connect the entire fleet of machines both the existing and the latest generation “Industry 4.0 ready” – continues Colombo -. With our new brand RETUNER we address the internationalization process on the European market started in 2019 by participating in the Hannover Messe and EMO. This year we are particularly proud to have been called to represent, as a voice from the choir, the Italian exhibitors at the Hannover Messe 2021 Digital Edition, the main arena of the global manufacturing industry ” concludes Guido Colombo.

Our premieres

At Hannover Messe we are launching RETUNER, the new brand for the international market of our products. The Retuner suite consists of:

– SMARTEdge4.0: on-board machine component, which processes and integrates machine data, transforming them into ready-to-use information

– SMARTHinge4.0: the intelligent hinge that collects data to monitor the proper functioning of the machines and process parameters, exchanging information with other company systems such as ERP, MES, CMMS, CAD / CAM, BI, etc.

– MINIMes4.0: web App for small businesses, which connects operators, machines and engineering in order to plan, monitor and report on all stages of production orders.

At Hannover Messe 2021 Digital Edition we will present:

– the new SMARTEdge4.0 NG (Next Generation) which, using artificial intelligence algorithms and collaboration with the cloud, makes innovative digital proximity services available to production operators;

– the latest version of MiniMES4.0, enriched with intelligent features for planning and optimizing production processes.

Our awards

In 2018 Retuner products was granted the “smart systems integrated” trademark by the European EPoSS Technology Platform.

Since 2019 Orchestra has been a partner of UMATI (universal machine tool interface), the initiative of VDW – the association of German machine manufacturers – which aims to create a common language based on the OPC UA standard to connect machines or value added services. Our MINIMes4.0 is thus connected to the umati demonstrator, offering us visibility at international trade fairs.

Similarly, thanks to its ability to integrate third-party platforms, the MiniMES4.0 is now also integrated into the Siemens Mindsphere platform, the reference ecosystem for the industrial IoT world.

Our business model

One of our strengths is the ability to make use of a network of local partners who promote and support the Retuner solution in the various regions. These are mainly machine manufacturers or dealers, manufacturers, maintenance service providers, system integrators, software suppliers and service companies who, thanks to Retuner technology, integrate ICT systems provided over time to their manufacturing customers with the factory systems.

Orchestra proposes the implementation of INDUSTRY 4.0 projects to customers and partners, enabling Italian companies to enjoy the benefits of the new capital goods tax credit for capital goods which is included in the Transition 4.0 Plan. The service is provided turnkey and complete with the necessary technical documentation.

See you at Hannover Messe Digital Edition 2021!

And soon at EMO 2021 in Milan


Guido Colombo, CEO

Mob. +39 393 9753750

Cristina Cuscunà, MarComm

Mob. +39 392 9551529

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