The digital factory guarantees operational continuity even during a pandemic

29 May 2020

The emergency, that we are struggling to leave behind, is imposing different production logistics to the previous ones, new ways of working, a reset of the supply and distribution chains.

The watchword continues to be social distancing both in the work and personal spheres. Home working might be the most straightforward answer to the problem as long as companies equip themselves to extend it to an ever wider range of business functions.

Think what it would mean if the manufacturing industry could also use remote working for a preponderant part of production processes. This can actually already be done today, with Industry 4.0!

By equipping with remote monitoring and control systems, intelligent connections and integration between the machines and the company management systems (such as ERP, MES, CMMS, CAD / CAM, PLM, etc.), the company can operate at full capacity and in complete safety, working with the only indispensable personnel for logistics and the start of processing on site.

As experts in Industry 4.0, we feel we can say that a highly digitized company is already resilient to all those changes imposed by unpredictable events, and will be even more so in the near future.

Orchestra issues an invite to all those entrepreneurs who are preparing to re-start after the forced break, or who are preparing to expand or reconvert their production to meet market demands triggered by the COVID19 emergency. We remind you that the adoption of digital technologies in factories in Italy is supported by both the tax incentives of the 4.0 Transition Plan of the Italian Government, and by the assistance foreseen in the Cura Italia decree.

Remote monitoring of machines and plants, order advancement tracking, intelligent maintenance, remote working for company functions not directly linked to production, dynamic supply chain management ... : with RETUNER we are re-tuning the country to Industry 4.0.

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