On the occasion of EMO 2023 Codelab and Retuner signed their partnership

September 15, 2023

Codelab, a Polish company with HQ in in Berlin, and Retuner GmbH in Nufringen join forces to expand their offer to the european industry 5.0 market.

Codelab has been empowering businesses to navigate the evolving digital landscape effectively for more than 35 years.  Employing their expertise to fuel growth and innovation, their focus lies in providing services and solutions for key sectors including automotive, industrial manufacturing, enterprise and cloud computing. Their services include legacy cloud migration, test automation, CI/CD Implementation, embedded and IoT development, as well as mobile, app, and web development.

Retuner GmbH provides digital solutions specifically designed for Industry 5.0 projects of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. 

RETUNER has an indirect business model based on different kinds of Partner: machine builders, system integrator and technical or ERP software suppliers, that we support in the digitization projects of their end user manufacturer customers” says Guido Colombo, RETUNER’s CEO “On this ground we met Codelab, which helps its customers in the digital transformation supporting them along the entire digital value chain.”

RETUNER® Product Suite has recently entered the list of technologies that Codelab makes available to offer its customers: multi-protocol interconnection with all new and existing machines; remote monitoring, control and diagnostics of machinery, systems and plants; 

definition, planning, progress, tracking and production control in real time; digital proximity services for new UX.

“The RETUNER® suite of products offers great solutions for current industrial manufacturing challenges, offering intrinsic value to Codelab’s projects and cooperations within the industry.
A turnkey digital solution for the entire manufacturing ecosystem, interconnecting machinery and plants to corporate ICT systems, helping organizations build their own production monitoring and control system. We look forward to deepening our thriving partnership with RETUNER!”
Laurent Kettler, Senior Product Manager Codelab.

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