The full cloud to cloud integration with UMATI from VDW: showcase at EMO 2019

September 26, 2019

The full cloud to cloud integration with  UMATI from VDW: showcase at EMO 2019

Guido Colombo, Orchestra’s CEO, gave a talk at EMO 2019 about how to make the machines of a plant synch and integrate on the information system of the company, as they were instruments playing on the same piece of music.

Orchestra made up an innovative solution for industry 4.0, both for the manufacturers and the companies that supply manufacturers. Orchestra provides:

  • remote diagnostic
  • the retrofit of the machineries
  • smart maintenance
  • remote configuration of the machine

Orchestra is specialized in monitoring and control systems creating machine connectivity, data integration, transmission and sharing with the users of the related application.


Orchestra’s system collects all the information from the machines and send them in real time to a platform (stocked on a server inside the plant) ad provide an interface to interact with all the machineries of the plant, bridging the gap between the operation technology and ICT. Orchestra system is based on 2 components:

  • the edges (electonic and software especially designed for industry 4.0) are the access point able to send data to the related application: the client doesn’t have to go on the cloud and look for what he wants among a huge amount of data. Orchestra runs a proximity service. The system is ready to use and doesn’t require programming. Even AR is used. Just using a tablet, the manufacturer will be able to interact with the machines, setting and changing parameters.
  • the smart hinge, which is what runs on the server and communicates data to the platform with wired and wireless communication, even when the machines are switched off.
    Listen to the complete speech

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