SCP and Orchestra: the success of an industry 4.0 project is the result of synergy between different players

Anno 2020

In an Industry 4.0 project there are three players: the manufacturer, the supplier of business systems and who connects the two. Orchestra with Retuner, its suite of products, does just that: we tune machines and management systems to the same wavelength, making sure they speak the same language.

Orchestra's business model is based on a network of partners, machine builders or resellers, system integrators and service companies that, thanks to Retuner, help their manufacturing customers to integrate ICT systems, that have grown over time, with machines and factory systems.

SCP, a company with offices in Belluno and Treviso, is a long-term partner of Orchestra. SCP has been in the IT sector for 39 years, they have adapted their technical skills over the years with constant commitment and seriousness, at the service of professionals, SMEs and Public Administration. SCP supports SMEs and large companies in all digital innovation processes with a view to 4.0 in the various application business areas. Starting from a system integration logic, aimed at integrating existing applications with innovative control and traceability solutions and systems, the primary objective is to guarantee high monitoring and control standards for continuous quality and the reduction of process variables ensuring lean processes.

Each player brought their own skills to a successful collaboration, SCP and Orchestra have completed five projects with as many customers in the food, precision machining, plastic materials and metal sectors. In these cases Orchestra integrated the customers' machines with the MES e-Solver PICK-UP developed by SCP and marketed by Sistemi.

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