Large format digital printing and new production of anti covid-19 masks, the versatility of an Industry 4.0 company in Lombardia

Anno 2019

The challenge

SISMAITALIA is a company operating in the areas of marketing, business communication and advertising,  mainly aimed at the world of large retailers. The company deals with 3D printing, 2D digital printing, finishing, billboards, truck-side and door-to-door ads with a considerable dose of innovation in the choice of cutting-edge and eco-sustainable materials and technologies.

The solution

In 2019, the company took advantage of tax concessions relating to the super-amortization of new capital goods, thanks to the interconnection with business systems created through Orchestra's RETUNER technology, used for both new and existing machines.

RETUNER was integrated with RIP Caldera and with Nexio to allow the exchange of programs and the interconnection of the machines between the two production sites of Verona and Cernusco Lombardone.

The access IP for VPN connections from the PCs used for graphics was reorganized, they can now operate on the company server from the two production sites by sending documents, creating work orders with relative drafts and shipping labels. All this is done independently, with no more email exchanges as was previously the case. The operators also use their smartphones to read and send bar-codes to the Interlem management system and to Orchestra MINIMes4.0. In this way the operator can use a single phone both for the management of production data and to make calls.


Production improvements and more precise estimates in less time

Programming of orders based on times and objective costs recorded by production

Cross-company training of operators on the use of new technologies in the two production plants

The involvement of Sismaitalia in anti covid-19 measures

Two new machines were installed in Cernusco Lombardone for the production of anti-COVID masks

Direct interconnection with the ORCHESTRA RETUNER infrastructure for remote monitoring and control of machines

Immediate integration of new processes with the RETUNER system for monitoring and controlling the production progress




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