MINIMes4.0 is the RETUNER MES solution specifically designed for those SME’s with no production processes digitalization in place. Fully integrated with the RETUNER SMARTHinge4.0 component, MINIMes4.0 connects the shop floor operators on any device to track all the production phases allowing them to register activities, downtimes, production progress and anomalies.

The collected information integrated on the SMARTHinge4.0 with data coming from the machines will provide real time production progress and status to the ERP and Business Analytics in use, in order to accomplish industrial accounting and multilevel OEE.


SMARTGlass4.0 is the vertical solution based on the RETUNER MINIMes4.0 specially developed for glass processing.

  • We connect every new or existing machine with the company’s management systems
  • We offer a MES (Manufacturing Execution System) specifically designed for glass SMEs, to cover all stages of production processes, from cutting to tempering
  • We support machine manufacturers, retailers and integrators in offering Industry 4.0 solutions to their customers
  • We directly support manufacturers and distributors of machines in the pre and post sales phases and during trade fairs

Our products