Affordable Industry 4.0 solutions for SME’s

The company

Orchestra has been operating since 2016 with the goal to design and deliver unique technology and solutions for Industry 4.0. The company is focused specifically on those SME’s looking for real time monitoring and control of their manufacturing assets and production order tracking.

The company has been selected and hosted by I3P, the Incubator of Innovative Enterprises of the Polytechnic in Turin.

Orchestra is registered at the Turin Chamber of Commerce within the innovative start-up’s special section.

Orchestra is an active member in different manufacturing associations where the company stays in touch with a large population of potential customers and partners.


At the beginning of 2020 Orchestra presented RETUNER, the new brand of intelligent factories products, perfectly tuned to Industry 4.0.

The team

Orchestra represents the next entrepreneurial step for Guido Colombo, Founder – President and CEO, after his +20 years of successful experience in international start-ups in the high tech sector, and now a new business opportunity focused specifically on the Industry 4.0 global market.

Orchestra’s R&D is managed by Walter Ferrarese, CTO of the company, with a track record of innovation and new technologies, leading a team of young hardware and software engineers.

Marketing and communication is driven by Cristina Cuscunà, currently supporting our growing business partner network who serve as our indirect sales organization.

G&A is managed by Cinzia Taurisano who also oversees the public funded research projects.

il direttore Walter

Open innovation

The technology expertise of our team, combined with our knowledge of manufacturing operations stand behind Orchestra. This has allowed us to constantly improve our products and provide cutting edge solutions to the SME’S market. It also gives us the capability to perform Open Innovation and run R&D public funded projects with medium and large enterprises.


December 2015. The commission of I3P, the Incubator for Innovative Enterprises of the Polytechnic of Turin selected Orchestra as one of the sixteen innovative projects among over hundred candidates, entitled to be hosted and supported by their facility inside the university campus.

September 2018. EPoSS granted Orchestra the Smart Systems Integrated trademark after a technology evaluation of the company’s products.

Orchestra is umati partner, the VDW initiative to connect machines or value-added services with a common language based on the OPC UA standard.

Our MiniMES4.0 application is available in the Cloud on the MindSphere platform.

Our products